Providing Subject Matter Experts to train or consult in:

     Field Training Officer Programs 

          - Officer In Training Program tracking software 

     Forensic Statement Analysis (Basic & Advanced)


     Performance Appraisal 

     Instructor Development (Basic & Advanced)


Is your FTOP working as it should?

Officer In Training Model

  •  14 Performance Categories
    • Common Sense Combinations
  •  Thorough yet Succinct Documentation
    • Zero court challenges for over 20+ yrs.

      3-pronged approach leading to
  •  Bulletproof Liability Protection


  •  Tracks ALL aspects of training exposure
    •  Calls for Service by type*
      •  # of Reports written
      •  # of Arrests
    •  Traffic
      •  # of Citations/Summons
    •  Scenarios Performed
    •  Important Discussions
    •  Categories where Training occurred
      •  Sorted by those:
        •  Needing Correction
        •  Performed well
    •  Field Training Manual Checklist**
    •  # of hours with FTO per day
    •  # of hours OIT drove per day
  •  Tracks OIT’s response to all Training:
    •  Mistakes / Poor Decisions
    •  Corrective Training
    •  OIT’s response to correction

Training Focused

  •  Daily Training & Response Documented
  •  Performance Scored
    •  Only during the Evaluation Phase
    •  Must Pass each category twice
      •  Pass     (can do the job)
      •  Fail      (cannot do the job)
        •  Removes argument about numbers (1-7), which are not clearly defined.

Our Software does all this from one page, completed during the day as it happens, leaving only signatures to capture at the end of shift.  

EQUALS   Zero O.T.