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We are the alternative to the "we've always done it this way."

Designed by FTOs on the principle of "Keep it Simple," our Officer In Training model embraces TRAINING over OBSERVATION.

Our process documents ALL activities of the trainee through a simple, intuitive flow. Our Users call us the “Common Sense” model.

  •  # and types of calls for service
  •  # and types of self-initiated activity
  •  # and types of discussions and scenarios
  •  # of reports written
  •  # of tickets issued
  •  # of arrests made
  •  # of hours with the FTO
  •  # of hours of driving

and most importantly

  •  How is the trainee responding to the training?
  •  Specific remedial training provided
    • Tied to 14-Performance Categories
  •  Scored on a simple Pass/Fail criteria upon completion of training.


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