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Chris Hinckley

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Chris Hinckley, CEO and owner of PPSS as of 2024, previously served as Vice President and OITP Instructor.

Chris came to this position through decades of leadership and training experience from his law enforcement career, loss prevention leadership, and training in the civilian market. During his law enforcement career as an officer, his talents rapidly moved him to Patrol Corporal and FTO. Chris then became an OITP trainer, the lead hostage negotiator, and eventually the Commander of the HNT team. Upon promotion to Detective Sergeant and working on numerous complex investigations in CID, the US Secret Service selected and certified him as a Forensic Phone Examiner. Five years later, he was promoted to Lieutenant, leading patrol shifts and the Officer In Training Program until his retirement, assuming a full-time role with his passion for training.



Chris Orton

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Chris is our SME in Stress Accumulation Injury (PTSD). Chris is a widely acclaimed speaker and is credited with saving many lives through his informative seminars.

He conducts 4-hour seminars open to all members of an agency. He also does seminars for family and friends to help all understand the symptoms of the injury and how to best deal with recovery.